Bentley was an “Owner Surrender” to the West Valley Shelter.  The previous “Owners” said that Bentley had bit someone when asked why they were turning him in.  Instead of actually testing this theory the shelter just put Bentley away in a kennel and labeled him as “aggressive” - thus not allowing ANYONE to take Bentley out and see him/play with him.  Also, he was then labeled “Rescue only” so only a 501c3 could pull him – no every day normal person was allowed to adopt him.  As a result of these things BENTLEY’S odds of being adopted were MASSIVELY decreased, and poor Bentley was on his way to being euthanized.  Bentley currently lives with his wonderful adoptive mom and dad who call him their “blessing” and they say they are “SO lucky to have found Bentley.” Also, he has shown ZERO signs of aggression! In fact, he’s all love and kisses! Looks like his previous owners were the ones with the issues . . .regardless, BENTLEY now has the best life any pup could ask for.

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