Rudy Testimonial

The year of 2014 my little family of two would grow. My husband has a love for Pitbulls that allowed us to recuse our first baby boy Rudy. Rudy was found by an incredible women named Kerry. He was chained up out side of a club house. Scared, abused and alone Rudy was on his way to his forever home. Ever since receiving Rudy he has touched our hearts in more ways then we could have ever imaged. My husband has had previous experience with Pitbulls and is comfortable with them. For me Rudy was my first dog. I have always heard about Pitbulls being mean, and vicious; these descriptions could not be further then the truth. As of today Rudy is a mommas boy. He has taught me a different type of love. His love is unconditional through rough and happy days, he never leaves my side. So loyal to me and my husband, protective, and playful, rudy helped us welcome our baby boy on September 20th of 2015. He is now the big brother! Rudy loves to lick and sit right next to our other little man. Rudy is the best thing that has happened to our family and we can never thank Kerry enough for rescuing our little guy! 

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