Luka Testimonial

Luka is THE BEST ROADTRIP PARTNER IN THE WORLD. We went home to Colorado for the month of December, where we went hiking every single day and he had a giant backyard to run around in with my parents' lab mix, Oliver. They were the best playmates and pretty much roughhoused together around the clock. Also, he loves the snow, which is hilarious.

Here in New York there are four of us in the house and another sweet little dog named Dickens, so Luka always has someone to play tug of war or cuddle with. There are two dog parks within walking distance, so he gets to run off-leash with lots of other dogs, which he is loving.

He's changed so much in the four months we've been together. He has so much less separation anxiety, and he really holds his own with other dogs and loves them all now. It's so exciting to see his transformation.

Needless to say, he is the best companion in the world. I am so happy we found each other and so eternally grateful to Care Rescue LA for matching us together. I couldn't have found a better dog for me. He's becoming so well trained, too... I'm so proud of him. I'm still working from home, so we spend all day together, and we go on long walks or runs every day. I'm so happy, and he seems so happy.

Thanks again so much for everything you have done for us. Hope to talk soon!

Laura and Luka

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