Frankie Testimonial

Finding Frankie has been one of the best unexpected gifts of my life. I certainly wasn't looking for a second dog, but perhaps Frankie was looking for me. I believe Frankie (rescued as Molly, then named Peanut by CARE...) was one of CARE's first rescues. If I have the story correct, Kelle + the gang went to rescue another pup who had been adopted by the time they got to the shelter. They saw Frankie was red listed and her time was short, so they ended up taking her home instead. A friend of a friend posted a picture of Frankie on social media that I shared as well. One thing led to another and as soon I caught a glimpse of her in her Dora the Explorer diapers and soon as I knew she got along with my other dog Tucker, I took her home to foster. Welp, do the words foster failure mean anything to you?? Frankie has taught me many things, but mainly patience + understanding of not only her, but of an often misunderstood breed in general. I love my baby girl --now named Francis Vivian--and am so thankful for the cheer AND the challenges she has brought to my life :) 

Thank you Kelle + CARE!


Heather, Frankie, and Tucker 

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