Bo Diddley Testimonial

We originally signed up to foster a large goofy looking puppy from C.A.R.E named Bo. The moment that I met Bo, I knew I was screwed. I completely fell in love with his energy and personality. Keep in mind, I’ve been fostering dogs for over 12 years and rarely get attached to dogs that I take into my home. Two weeks went by and I knew that I was going to be a foster failure when my daughter and Bo could not be separated. When I say that they could not be separated, I meant that literally. They sleep together, play together, watch TV together, etc. My daughter is the only child and often was sad about that until Bo (now Bruno) came into our lives. He truly became an extension of my daughter and quickly made himself a part of our family. I called Kelle and told her that we wanted to adopt Bo (now Bruno) and that was that. We’ve had him for over 1 year now and I can’t express how much we love him in our family. He was the missing piece we needed to make our family whole and we love him more that words can say. 

Thank you C.A.R.E. for bringing this amazing dog into our lives! 

Care Rescue L.A.Comment