Sadie and Pups!

Sadie was one of 6 dogs that were abandoned on the streets of LA in cardboard boxes with no one to care for them. CARE RESCUE LA intervened to help find them homes. Sadie’s story was especially sad; she had mange and was also pregnant!! She was lucky enough to find herself in a safe foster home where she had her puppies and was nursed back to health. Once her puppies were old enough to be adopted it was time for Sadie to find a home of her own. She now lives by the beach with her forever parents and doggie sister. 

One of Sadie’s little pups, this feisty guy now lives with his loving family and goes by his new name, Taquito! 

Tiny Lily was the runt of Sadie’s litter, she is now in her forever home and completely adored by her “people”. This silly little girl now goes by the name “Porkchop”! 

One of Sadie’s little pups, Bandit used his cute personality and adorable fluffiness to make himself the first puppy to get adopted. He now lives happily ever after with his family. 

One of Sadie’s little pups, tiny Cooper now lives with a big family in a big house and has lots and lots of love. 

One of Sadie’s little pups, Huckleberry is now living the good life with his forever family. 

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