Princess Leia

We started fostering a small 8 month old cat that CARE Rescue LA saved just hours before she was set to be killed by the shelter.  When the kitty came to us she was scared of EVERYTHING. She hid, only coming out for food. Because she was so scared we would make an extra effort to find her and pet her and spend time with her.

Over the course of caring for our little Leia, I came to feel that I could show her the safety love and affection that she needed. We decided to keep our foster.

Over the next two years she has grown into the sweetest, most gentle most loving cat I've ever known. She follows me from room to room, sleeps next to me in bed and greets me at the door when I return. 

I have never known such joy from a pet. I can't recommend fostering more. Every time that I look at her face I feel we saved each other.


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