Junkyard Pups: Huck, Honey and Ginger

The Junkyard pups are one of our greatest rescues to date. A woman reached out to CARE on a very cold february night saying that her husband heard puppies crying in a junkyard. We found out that the owner of the junkyard didn't want the pups "distracting" the mom so he took them away from her so she could do her job being a guard dog. It was in the 30's at night and these pups would have died from starvation and cold. Without hesitating we said we would take them and we got them and took them to the vet the very next day. They were sleeping on a bed of spark plugs when we found them and they were very malnourished and covered in grease. After a few days of TLC Huck and Ginger were doing much better but little honey was not getting better and kept throwing up. After a trip back to the vet, we found out she had a severe case of Megaesophagus. The vet suggested we put her down because she would most likely not survive and she was suffering. We had to give her a chance so we took her to a specialist. They said the same thing. But after much research and trial and error, we started seeing improvements and saw her fighting for her life. We promised her that as long as she was willing to fight, we would fight for her. To this day, all 3 pups are thriving and happy in their forever homes. Honey has to eat in a special high chair but she loves her life and is doing really well. Huck and honey still have play dates all the time.