Courtesy Posts

The following dogs and cats have been posted as a courtesy only. They are NOT available through CARE. Please contact the name/organization listed in their bio for more information.

Please reach out to us at if you'd like us to add a pet in need to this courtesy posting page. 


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Meet Little One

This cat was a stray that started to become friendly with me while walking my dog. I fell in love and decided to try to bring her into my house. After a few months, I was successful using a havahart. My cat that has been the only cat for 14 years will not tolerate her. I have had her spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, etc. I am trying to find her a nice quiet home, but it hasn’t been easy because she has tested FIV+. Plus, having obviously been dumped by someone early on, she wants the human contact but it is a slow process. I am able to gently pet her on the head while she eats. That being said, she’s a sweetheart and loves my little chihuahua. I am really hoping to find her a quiet home with a patient cat lover. Hoping for an only cat household or with very friendly or FIV+ cats. I know she will make someone an excellent kitty. I wish I could keep her myself, I have grown very fond of her. I just want to make sure she finds the right owner.

We are out of Long Beach, but I can transport anywhere in Southern California.

Contact info is:

Carrie Muse