Hashtag Humanity 

A socially responsible lifestyle brand promoting positive change through Fashion, Special Events and Social Media Campaigns.

* A percentage of your purchase of any item in the store can be donated to  CARE RESCUE LA by making us the charity of your choice at checkout! 

Babes in Toyland 

Since 2008, the annual ‘Babes in Toyland Charity Toy Drive’ has attracted several thousand attendees while brightening the lives of countless children in need during the holiday season. This year, we are proud to announce that we will expand upon the Babes in Toyland concept to include a springtime event that will benefit local animal rescue agency,CARE Rescue La.


ZuGo Pet 

ZuGo Pet is a one of a kind pet product company specializing to make fashionable, convenient, affordable, multifunctional products for you and your pet.  This is the first pet carrier to have 5 functions in 1 product to safely secure your dog and cat in the car so you're not distracted by your pet while driving.

*CARE RESCUE LA will receive 100% of the proceeds of any carrier purchased through us!! 


Feisty Threads delivers a fresh take on lifestyle wear that makes anyone and everyone look as good inside the gym as they do on the street… even you!

ATTITUDE ABOVE ALL!  www.FeistyThreads.com