What a couple of weeks can do!

 All of these lives saved in only 2 weeks time!! Several cats included as well!!

Care Rescue is on FIRE right now, and just at the right time...did you know July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters? The influx of strays & runaways also forces shelters to euthanize for space, a double whammy of bad luck for homeless pets. Well, CARE was ready to go this year, stepping in to save 9 dogs and several cats over the past couple of weeks following independence day!! Hooray for lives saved!!

Without the support of ALL YOU YOU we wouldn't be able to do it - so to everyone who donates their time, donates supplies, and helps financially - look at the good you have helped us achieve!  Help us grow so we can save more and more and more!!! 

Go to our ADOPTABLE PETS page to get all the info about adopting one of these recently rescued pets!

donations can be made through Paypal to: carerescuela@gmail.com